STANDPACK is concerned about the environment, people and technology first.

Standing pouch

The advantage of this pouch is to reduce the storage space and transportation costs of the product as it can stand upright with a flat bottom surface when filled.


Shape pouch

It can be processed in various forms, away from a single, rectangular pouch. It is effective in raising awareness of the customer’s brand.


Business domain


Original Equipment Manufacturing

To produce beverage pouch and food packaging, mask pouch,breast milk storage bag, powder milk storage bag, roll-up bag, vacuum compression bag, vacuum pack, valve, and air pump


Original Design Manufacturing

It produces mask pouch, Breast milk antibacterial storage bag, roll-up pack, duvet compression pack, and valve.


Exporting the Beverage Pouch to be kind & Co. in U.S
Exporting the vacuum bag and roll bag to Orient Co. in Japan.
Exporting the Vacuum Compression bag to Oliso Co. in U.S

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