Microwavable Pouch

Product Descriptions

Flat and standing type pouch designed to make food easy to cook and eat using microwave ovens to meet the lifestyle of busy modern people.

  • Easy to eat, making it convenient for consumers.
  • It provides protection from damage due to exposure to sources such as oxygen and moisture.
  • It is economical to use a variety of materials depending on their use.
  • It is manufactured with a structure that is strong against puncture
    and bending of the pouch to prevent leakage of contents.

Product Features

Preservation of taste Lower defect rate and lower unit price Cleanliness and convenience
  • Biggest advantage.
  • When opening and heating the existing pouch, while all moisture evaporate and the surface gets dry. But this product holds the moisture properly which will help you enjoy the unique taste of carefully made products at home.
  • The microwave pouch currently on sale is Easy-peel type that has weak sealing adhesion and high unit price, which may cause burst another area besides the perforated area.
  • By supplementing this, our products apply Easy-peel on the axis of the star-cut area, which has a significantly lower risk of bursting another area and lower unit price than commercial products.
  • It can make a double protection at ordinary times by giving only small scratches in the form of star cut or straight cut, not round porous.
  • Not only can the inside of the microwave be used cleanly by controlling overflow of soup after boiled when the star cut part is heated, but customers can also eat hygienically.