Zipper Pouch

Product Descriptions

It is a pouch with a zipper attached to the top for easy refill after it is first opened and widely used as a standing pouch as well with a 3-side seal pouch.
The zipper is sealed at the top of the pouch for preservation, convenience, and recycling.
By applying AIR CHANNEL SYSTEM, excellent compression force and vacuum time are saved. It can be applied to many places such as food, bedding, and clothing, and has the effect of showing high usability and quality of the product itself.

If the surface of the fabric is flat, the plastic vinyl sticks to each other and air cannot escape. At this time, if a diagonal embossing is formed on the surface of the plastic vinyl, there is a passage through which air passes through the gap, so that the air can escape easily during vacuum. The air channel formation method using melt-extrusion paper has excellent compression force and quick vacuum time.